I created Hovership in 2011 as a blog to document drones I was building and flying. In 2014 I got my first 3D printer and designed my own printable mini drone air frame which I shared for free on Thingiverse. From there, Hovership grew into a small business run from my garage. I started designing carbon fiber frames and injection molded GoPro protectors. I was responsible for all branding, web design, product design, photography, and videos.



I created the Hovership logo and the logos for my Zuul product line.

Marketing Web Design

Designs for my blog, build guides, and web store.

Product Design

Using SolidWorks I created 2D and 3D product designs. I partnered with machine shops to have my air frame designs milled from carbon fiber or aluminum. The GoPro protectors were injection molded with a TPU material.

Motion Graphics & Video

Aerial drone videos and product launch videos. Responsible for drone operation during filming, editing, and motion graphics.